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pvc mate m2
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vinyl mat black and grey
vinyl mat black and grey

How to choose the right dance floor mat?

Dance schools use dance mats to place on the floor in order to obtain a space adapted to their practice. Dance mats vary depending on the discipline, technical needs and characteristics of the space to be covered. It is a solution also adapted to the occasional needs of event professionals. What do you need to know to create a dance floor that is suitable for dancers?

Technical characteristics of dance mats

Dance mats are generally smooth and durable floor coverings. Our dance mat is non-slip to offer maximum safety to users during their performance on any type of dance or choreography.
The dance mat is made up of two layers of calendered PVC.

Fire classification and dance floor standards

Our dance mat is suitable for public places such as performance halls, rehearsal studios, dance studios and theaters. Treated against fire, it displays the Bf1-s1/standards and therefore complies with the requirements imposed by the regulations in force.

The CTN dance floor has good sound quality with the EN ISO 717-2 2 ??dB standard, important for your events.

A fireproof dance floor for all your events

Performing arts: choose the right flooring

The CTN dance mat is ideal for competitions, shows and dance classes, whether temporary or permanent. Designed for different dances such as percussive dances (flamenco/tap), modern/classical dance, hip-hop or other dance styles.
It transforms a platform, a stage into a secure and adapted space. Dancers are thus free to move without fear during their performances.
In addition, the carpet can be used in the field of events to cover the floor of a stand at a trade show.

Order the dance mat best suited to your needs

Our dance mats are packaged in rolls to allow you to cover the surface of your project. Soft and smooth, this material is placed on the ground to obtain a homogeneous and regular surface.

The dance mat is available to cut or complete roll depending on the reference. You can also purchase fixing adhesive for your installation.

Opt for an easy-to-install scenic covering

One ??of the main characteristics of the dance mat is its ease of installation. You just need to attach it easily with a simple adhesive side. The adhesive strips must be placed on the upper joints. Once this operation is done your scene is ready!


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