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velours exhibition plat carpet filmed 2m cfl-s1
velours exhibition plat carpet filmed 2m cfl-s1
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las vegas tufted carpet 4m cfl-s1
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Velours carpet windsor 2m

Everything you need to know about velvet carpet for your events

Velvet carpet is a choice of indoor flooring that is very popular in the field of event decoration. A product designed to offer both ideal aesthetics and unparalleled comfort, it has become a must-have for the floors of fairs, trade shows, exhibitions, bespoke weddings, and other special events. With CTN, explore in detail the features, applications, benefits and customisation options of velvet carpet. The only limit is your imagination!

What are the characteristics of velvet carpet?

Velvet carpet is made from polyamide or wool fibres, woven in a needle-punched style to create a soft and fluffy texture. Its bright and flat appearance gives it an elegant appearance, ideal for exhibition spaces and events such as bespoke weddings. Available in rolls of different sizes, it is easy to adapt to all spaces, from fair stands to large reception rooms. Its features include generous thickness, a velvety feel, and exceptional wear resistance, ensuring long-term durability.

What are the benefits and uses of velvet carpet?

Velvet carpet has various applications in many areas. As part of events such as trade shows, trade fairs and art exhibitions, it creates warm, bright and welcoming atmospheres, while offering comfort to visitors. In a wedding or a bespoke reception (white and beige colours are the usual choices!), it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the decoration. In addition, it is often used in commercial spaces such as shops, hotels and restaurants to create a soft and comfortable atmosphere.

Velvet carpet has many advantages in addition to the softness of its wool and the versatility of polyamide. It offers excellent sound and thermal insulation, thus creating a calm and comfortable environment. Its soft and fluffy surface limits slippage, offering increased safety, especially in high-traffic areas.

In addition, it is available in a wide range of colours and patterns, offering a wide range of choices to suit all decorating styles, mainly for indoor use. A white or beige colour will tend to create bright atmospheres, for example.

Whether in polyamide or wool, velvet carpet is a multi-purpose choice and an ideal solution.

Stock and delivery of velvet carpet

Velvet carpet is available in roll form in a variety of measurements, width, length, colours and styles (we also offer other types of carpet tiles). At CTN, we offer a wide range of velvet carpet products in multiple colours, with fast and reliable delivery options. Our products are on stock or on order, at affordable prices. Whether you need flooring for an exhibition stand, a trade show or a residential event, we have the ideal product to meet your needs.

Protection and maintenance of velvet carpet

To ensure a long life for your velvet carpet, it is essential to take appropriate measures for its protection and maintenance. First, during laying, ensure that the floor is clean, dry and smooth before unwinding your carpet roll.

Use a roll of protective film to avoid damage during work. After installation, avoid placing heavy or sharp objects on the carpet to prevent tearing or crushing of fibres and damage to the velvet.

To maintain its soft and fluffy appearance, regularly vacuum in the direction of the fibres along the length, avoiding excessive rubbing of the velvet over the width. In the event of a stain, act quickly by using a suitable cleaner and gently dabbing your carpet, without rubbing vigorously.

For additional protection, you can also consider applying an anti-stain or waterproofing treatment on the carpet. Finally, for complete maintenance, regularly schedule a deep cleaning with a professional carpet shampooer.

With these simple precautions, your velvet carpet will remain beautiful and soft, leaving your customers with a positive review of your product or your trade show, adding a touch of elegance to your shop interior or your exhibition stand. Clean carpet means a warm environment and a bright atmosphere!

What alternatives are there to velvet carpet?

Needle-punched carpet, a flat woven flooring, offers a versatile and affordable solution, ideal for use in medium to large trade fairs with a limited duration of use. Needle-punched carpet rolls in many colours are available in stock.

● For those looking for a more luxurious option, thick carpet has softer fibres, perfect for high-end exhibition stands, fairs and trade shows that require a thicker solution. No more limits, opt for a thicker softness!

● To add a personalised touch to your event, opt for a carpet printed with specific patterns or logos printed to measure, ideal to reinforce the concept of your event and brighten up your floor. A perfect choice to highlight your shop's brand or your product, for example!

● For events of all shapes and sizes, event carpeting offers comfort, durability and aesthetics. A carpet generally made of flat woven fabric that is good value for money. Stands, exhibitions, in-store events, fairs, trade shows, weddings: this carpet is the perfect flooring for any event.

At CTN, we also offer a complete range of laying equipment and accessories, as well as protective films to ensure the longevity and beauty of your carpet. Whether for a fair, a trade show, a corporate event, a stand, or a wedding, we have the products and solutions to meet all your event flooring needs.

Need a quote or info about velvet carpet? Contact CTN!

Velvet carpet is a versatile and elegant choice to cover the floors of events. With its many advantages and customisation options, it remains a popular flooring solution for all occasions. Whether for professional exhibitions, trade shows, corporate events or a wedding (white and beige), velvet carpet offers a perfect combination of comfort, aesthetics and durability, guaranteeing an unparalleled experience for users. Contact CTN for expert advice, additional information on our products in stock, or to request a quote!


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