• Our mission at CTN is to ensure the success of your events.

    To accomplish this, we provide nearly 2,000 different event decoration materials readily available from stock or for custom ordering, tailored and customisable to meet your requirements.

  • For us, an event is above all a meeting, an experience, an emotion, an identity.

    Thanks to the unwavering dedication of our entire CTN team, we stand ready to support you in every aspect of your projects. With nearly 50 years of accumulated experience and expertise, coupled with a vast inventory, our state-of-the-art customisation and printing workshops, and seamlessly integrated logistics, we ensure swift turnaround times to meet your needs.

  • You can count on us to find solutions!

    At CTN, it's ingrained in our DNA to seek solutions for our customers, positioning us as a dependable partner who listens attentively and responds promptly.

  • Our CSR commitments for the environment

    At CTN, we attach great importance to improving the carbon footprint of events. This is why we've established the CTN Recycling service, dedicated to taking back and recycling your post-event materials. This includes Rewind 100% PP carpet, cotton and fabrics, along with all PVC floor coverings.



A major player in the events sector, the CTN Group has been supplying the products and services needed to style professional events for over 40 years. CTN's main activities include the many trade fairs and exhibitions held throughout France every year, as well as conferences, seminars and weddings.

We also supply sets for scenography (theatre, cinema, shows, etc.), video or photo production, etc. Furthermore, we offer coating solutions designed specifically for point-of-sale displays. These product display areas need to be attractive, appealing and original. CTN puts all its know-how and expertise at the disposal of event professionals.


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An array of materials, textures and colours At CTN, it's easy to find what you're looking for to realise your decor, whether it's for walls or ceilings. As a specialist in supplies for events professionals, the company is able to respond to all requests.


CTN's range of products for the events industry is rich and varied. With floor coverings, wall fabrics, canopies and curtains, you can decorate a room from floor to ceiling.

  • Bespoke manufacturing
    Bespoke manufacturing

    To meet all your needs in terms of made-to-measure textiles and fabrics, you'll find many options in our catalogue that will satisfy all your requirements.

  • Printed carpet
    Printed carpet

    Personalised printed carpets can be used in a variety of ways, adding a distinctive element to any decor. Find out more about the applications of this material and how to get your own personalised carpet with CTN.

  • Bespoke Carpets
    Bespoke Carpets

    Opting for a bespoke carpet is the ideal solution to infuse a space with true personalisation while adhering to the constraints outlined in a specific specification document. If you're contemplating undertaking such a project, you probably have questions regarding the carpet-making process or the range of aesthetic possibilities available. CTN will address all these questions in this comprehensive guide to bespoke carpeting.

Your events

Seminars and conferences

When planning a seminar, conference, corporate anniversary, or any professional event, the decor should establish the tone and evoke the desired atmosphere. It must therefore be impactful and harmonious in order to generate impact, emotion, and motivate the gathered employees.

Receptions and weddings

Organising a wedding requires very specific decor, in keeping with the theme chosen by the bride and groom, their wishes for this exceptional day and the constraints of the venue. Take advantage of the experience of CTN, a major player in the events industry, to help you create all your wedding decor.

Window displays

As a key factor in a shop's success, the shop window and its decoration help to attract passers-by to the shop. To help you create a unique style for your business, CTN offers decorative covering solutions to enhance your shop window styling.



CTN offers a wide range of floor coverings. They come in all shapes and sizes, thin or thick, plain or coloured, standard or customised. The same applies to wall and partition cladding. There's no shortage of choice when it comes to brushed cotton, available in various thicknesses, coated canvas, jute or linen, Lycra®, chintz or felt. Alongside these fabrics, which can be stretched or stapled, CTN offers a range of adhesives, another of tulles and even a collection of decorative plates.
CTN is also a supplier of curtains, an essential element in decoration, particularly for certain activities such as theatre. And for the ceilings, the company uses different materials to create canopies, among other things. These kinds of false ceilings can be made from lightweight brushed cotton, different from tulle. All these materials are available in a wide range of colours, matt or gloss.

CTN has also developed El Karton, a collection of sheets of recycled honeycomb cardboard that is light, strong and very easy to use. What can you do with El Karton? From partitions and signage to decorative elements and furniture, the possibilities are endless when it comes to modular decor. This is all the more true because, in addition to the traditional cardboard colour, there are many other colours to choose from. CTN also sells accessories and tools, such as adhesives, cutters, Velcro, protective film, staples, curtain eyelets and more. In short, everything professionals need to create successful decors.


However, the needs of professionals and customers are not all limited to the supply of products. Some require additional services, such as personalisation. To meet these demands, CTN has developed a digital printing service. In particular, this offer is available for PVC floor coverings, carpets and brushed cotton. With this service, CTN is able to print anything its customers want, in terms of colours, patterns, texts, logos, etc. For some of the textile products it sells, CTN also provides a manufacturing service, which can be made to measure.

The company has its own workshop, enabling it to respond to any request, no matter how particular. This service includes chair covers, tablecloths and curtains, which can be made in any size. CTN is also equipped to carry out all the finishing touches on these curtains, both on the lower parts - hemming, ballasting, etc. - and on the upper parts - fitting eyelets, Velcro, hooks, etc. This on-demand work is very useful for the entertainment industry, with which CTN has a long-standing relationship. For example, the workshop makes the curtains for many theatres. High-quality products that are built to last for years. A peculiarity specific to the theatre, while CTN mainly provides highly ephemeral goods, as demanded by events.

In conclusion, for more than 40 years, CTN has been striving to provide its professional customers with quality covering solutions. Whatever your event, we'll be able to provide you with solutions tailored to your needs so that you can create an original, unique, made-to-measure setting.


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