CTN Custom Event Installation Service: Create Memorable Events

CTN offers a tailor-made service for event installation, adapted to each project. As each project is unique, we establish a custom quote based on many factors, such as whether it is an indoor/outdoor installation, your space type and its readiness, the deadlines and the overall volume, as well as the fixing method.

We manage each installation according to its specific merits. CTN puts in place the necessary measures to guarantee the success of your event need.

Wide Choice of Floor Coverings

We are able to provide not only carpet, but also any type of flooring range: vinyl, synthetic turf, PVC safety floor, or domestic carpet, according to the needs of each space. We have complete control of our materials.

We work mainly in places such as gyms, exhibition halls, school halls, museums, hotel rooms, stands, fairs, and any other event venue requiring floor coverings.

Specialists in the laying of event flooring

Our team of specialists uses various techniques and methods of laying with the appropriate material, such as double-sided adhesive tape, spray glue, adhesive, hot or cold welding, and permanent adhesive. After the event, we can recover and remove the material used, and recycle it if possible on behalf of the customer.

Request your quote for a custom installation

To establish a quote, we need several pieces of information: the size of the area to be covered, the type of product, the dates and times planned, as well as the location.
We can work on surfaces ranging from 4x4m to 30,000m², or even more if necessary.
Whether you are an event agency or an amateur with a consumer event project, do not hesitate to contact CTN to organise your event!

CTN offers an option of decoration installation services to meet all your needs in terms of exhibition, fair, trade show, or any other event layout.
Our experienced team ensures the setting up of stands, signage, and decoration for furniture and various event products, with particular attention to quality and safety.

Whether for design, assembly or disassembly (a wide range of our products is recyclable), CTN supports you at every step to ensure the success of your event and offer an unforgettable service and experience.
Trust CTN for the professional execution and complete control of your event project.