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lackfolie kiss laminated pvc vinyl 240g 130cm m2
lackfolie kiss laminated pvc vinyl 240g 130cm m2

Stretched canvas for ceiling: focus on a must-have

Stretched canvases are widely used in event organization to cover ceilings or surfaces. They can take many forms and have specific technical characteristics: acoustic insulation, increased brightness, backlighting, canvas or even printed. How to choose the right stretched canvas for your ceiling and fully succeed in your decoration?

A stretched canvas for ceiling: what is it?

The stretched canvases used to cover the ceilings of an event allow you to create an atmosphere, a truly unique and original decoration. This is a widely used solution for arranging large reception spaces, for organizing offices or even providing privacy areas. Canvas is a very technical fabric: polyester gauze coated with polyurethane.

Generally, the canvas is white in order to allow light effects. To install it, we strongly advise event organizers to call on an expert, who will be able to advise you on the measurements, offer a quote and carefully select the location of the stretched canvas. In fact, the stretched canvas must be cut to measure according to the ceiling to be covered. Only an expert will be able to anticipate safety margins and determine the most suitable hooks.
At CTN we also offer a custom fabric cutting service.
Colored or even backlit canvas: stretched canvas has many advantages for all spaces.

What are the advantages of stretched ceiling canvas?

The stretched canvas covering is very advantageous to obtain a fabric that adapts perfectly to all configurations, shapes and the dimensions of its ceilings. Thanks to this solution, we can also give a second life to ceilings without having to do major work. Indeed, the stretched canvas gives a real illusion of a traditional ceiling.

The stretched canvas remains intact for many years and allows lighting of all types to be easily installed (chandeliers, but also spotlights and electrical outlets). We can also adapt the stretched canvas to other elements: moldings, smoke detectors, etc.

Please note that stretched ceiling canvases have other technical advantages: thermal and sound insulation, acoustic comfort, etc.


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