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black cotton knot 70cm x 2cm packs of 20
black cotton knot 70cm x 2cm packs of 20

Are you looking to enhance your events with elegance and practicality?

Explore our extensive collection of ready-to-install cotton drapes. Our cotton velvet drapes meet all your needs for event decoration. Whether you are an event professional, our ready-to-hang cotton curtains are the ideal solution for dressing your spaces.

Who are velvet drapes intended for?

Velvet drapes are intended for theatre stage managers, reception hall decorators, and stand designers.

In the first case, the theatre drape is widely used during theatre tours or permanently installed in theatres to dress the backdrop of a stage.

In the second case, the velvet drape will serve as a fireproof curtain to create a partition in a reception hall due to its height.

And in the last case, it will be used as a decorative accessory for certain conference spaces that require calm and less light.

Types of Drapes

Drapes for the stage

The velvet drape is a cotton stage curtain, ready to be suspended on a pole or a mounting bar. It is a member of the stage curtain family. In general, stage curtains are made of cotton fabric and are black in colour. Theatre curtains can have different widths depending on the need.

The stage curtain is used to create decorative elements to conceal the backstage area. In show business, the stage drape has several nicknames, such as taps molleton coton classé, le pendard or, internationally, pipe and drape.

The classic black stage drape is often paired with fringes, stage skirts, and brushed cotton for stage dressing.

Drapes for events

You are an event venue manager or stylist. The drape will be your best ally. You can quickly divide a room into two spaces with this curtain to host two events. This solution will be possible thanks to the velvet drapes made in our workshops. We offer custom-made velvet drapes according to your requests, including acoustic velvet drapes, fire-resistant velvet drapes, weighted finish velvet drapes, or velvet drapes with special dimensions.

Drapes for conference spaces

During certain events, spaces are created to host conferences. In this case, a product that is ready-to-use like the velvet drape is required.

The fire-rated black drape will be your ally. The velvet stage drape is available up to 6 metres in height and can be customised in length according to your needs. We offer specific finishes at the top such as eyelets, ties or sleeves. For the bottom part of the black cotton stage drape, we offer various weighted options according to your request.

With this solution, you can effortlessly establish a dedicated space shielded from the light of a hall or daylight. This will allow you to create lighting effects using LED projectors for an atmosphere tailored to your speaker.

All the benefits of drapes with support

Our drapes offer numerous advantages, ranging from their ease of installation to their ability to transform any space into an exceptional venue.

Our drapes are available in stock and upon request.

How are drapes packaged?

We offer a variety of packaging options to meet your needs, from bulk orders of 3 metres by 3 metres to 6 metres by 6 metres. Our workshop also enables us to make all your requests to measure.

How can I get drape samples?

We understand that choosing drapes is an important decision. This is why we offer the possibility to order samples of our fleece curtain material to help you make the best decision.


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