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Innovative and eco-responsible material, cellular cardboard is used in event decoration. Appreciated for its lightness and great resistance, it is a great ally for all your design ideas.

Explore the many solutions that cellular cardboard offers for your work: - Stand builders - Architects and interior decorators - Scenographers - fairs and shows. The latter dresses your stands, windows, showrooms and corners with style.

It fits freely into your scenography and easily integrates into all of your themes. Use honeycomb cardboard for your decoration! To try it is to adopt it.

The advantages of cellular cardboard

What does our elKarton cellular cardboard look like?

Our cellular cardboard is available in the form of panels of different thicknesses. Our cellular panels are used for different purposes. They can be cut to obtain the desired shape. Or, you can use a cutter or jigsaw to obtain the desired shapes. It features in creative designs that meet the needs of your decoration.

The advantages of cellular cardboard

Thanks to its honeycomb structure, our cardboard is very light. It is very handy and easy to transport to all your events. It also allows you to create different settings adapted to places frequented by the public.

It has a natural aesthetic appearance. Its finishes are white. You can use it to create all your event decorations.

Its M1 fire classification allows it to meet the general public safety standards required in the majority of event venues.

An ecological material

Perfect to be used in an eco-responsible approach, cardboard is a recyclable material. It has a very small environmental footprint.

Our elKarton product is also designed for certain references, from recycled cardboard. Cardboard therefore allows you to respect environmental issues through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Our cellular panels have lasting value. They can be used for multiple events. They are not just intended for ephemeral decoration.

Opt for cardboard on your stands Cardboard is a material that is popular with many of our customers. You can use honeycomb cardboard for different themes. For example: leisure, tourism, breeding, decoration and real estate.

Cardboard will be appreciated at job fairs where areas are designated for interviews. It will also be useful for Christmas markets and literary gatherings, where seating areas can be set up for book signings.

In summary, cardboard lends itself to all worlds to the delight of exhibitors and visitors alike.

Cardboard partitions and screens

Cardboard is light and easy to use. This makes it an ideal material for demarcating your stands. It is also extremely practical for creating screens.

For example, it is easy to obtain special places to welcome customers thanks to cellular cardboard. Cardboard also makes it possible to create sales or demonstration areas as well as welcome places for conviviality.

Cardboard as a communication and signage medium Another advantage of cellular cardboard: it is a perfect material for communicating with prospects and customers. Plan to include a logo, company name or product name on the signs. This will allow you to convey a message according to your client's visual identity.

As part of your trade shows and fairs, also think about cellular cardboard to put up your signage. Direction of traffic, signage, orientation of the public, everything is possible.

Cardboard as part of your POS and window displays

Corners and showrooms

Light and minimalist, cardboard naturally takes its place in the design of your corners and showrooms. Thanks to its natural appearance, it easily highlights the chosen products. You can easily combine elKarton cellular panels with our plain or printed carpets but also with our PVC floors. If you want to stay with an ecological theme, don't forget our plant fiber floors for a natural atmosphere.

Including cellular cardboard in the design of your windows makes perfect sense. Indeed, this ecological and recyclable material constitutes a very interesting basis for the creation, among other things, of small furniture elements.

Tables, chairs or shelves allow you to promote your products while allowing the public to discover and appreciate them. Cardboard is also very practical for cladding your window background, due to its handling and easy installation.

Cardboard for your visual identity
It offers multiple solutions to publicize a company, an activity or a product launch. Let your creativity speak to make cellular cardboard panels the heart of your communication. You can imagine new shapes reminiscent of your company or decide to print elements in order to attract the attention of the public.

Cardboard furniture
Honeycomb cardboard is ideal for creating cardboard furniture. Our furniture is solid and easy to assemble. it will accompany your displays or your stands.

Cardboard displays are available in different sizes and formats. They can be installed in the reception hall of a theater, in a shop, at the entrance to a museum or on a stand. They allow you to accommodate flyers, business cards, posters or any other form of communication or information documents. Their advantages: they are very light, move easily and blend into any atmosphere.

Cardboard shelves are ideal for storing different parts and documents. The works of art are designed with cellular panels adapted according to their usefulness. They can be exhibited in a museum or during an exhibition.

Opt for a small shelf to display small objects. Or choose a larger one to store it.

You don't know how to carry out your elKarton project CTN supports you in your project. We are surrounded by specialized partners. We can respond to all your projects.

We can advise you. We can take care of the design and production of your project. We can also offer to combine the supply of our natural floors and recyclable fabric.

CTN: your trusted partner

Values ??and experience

CTN has been a distributor of event, ephemeral and long-term supplies for over 40 years. This makes it a reliable partner for all your projects.

CTN does everything possible to satisfy its customers. We help you make your decoration a reality and ensure the success of your efforts. Cellular cardboard is a decorative product offered by CTN. It can be used to decorate the interior of reception areas, from floor to ceiling.


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